Welcome to Thailand. Here, have another.


During the past year, I’ve learned to expect nothing, to embrace change, and to plan for opportunity and not outcome. For those who know me, this isn’t easy. I’m a (fairly) stubborn long-term / long-game planner. Abrupt changes irk me.

I came to Thailand to start a new chapter, to care for my mom. Recently, I’ve embraced and preached that everyone should focus on that which s/he deems most important right at this moment. Currently, I believe it’s about family and friends, and less about career, money, and materialism.

Little did I know, the Universe would flip the script.

Prior to and during my flight, my mom had her second stroke, 15 months after her first.

On my first morning in Thailand, I arrived at the nursing facility at 9am. After some observation, I figured something wasn’t right and we rushed to the hospital, arriving sometime before lunchtime.

It’s been a week since. She’s stable and that’s all I know right now.

Life is random and you never know what will happen. So, do what’s important right now or you may never have the chance again.

So it goes.