2018: A year in review

It’s been an unconventional year. 2018 is a continuation of the previous year: worrying about and caring for my mother, while I piece a semblance of life around her.

Flying back and forth between California and Thailand was tiring. So midway through the year, I decided to move permanently to Bangkok.

After renting out my home in the States, I now reside in a foreign country for the unknown future. As much as I appreciate the Thai culture, I'm Thai-American who speaks broke-ass Thai and am unaccustomed to their mannerisms. I am totally not one of 'em. I am sooo like __Rachel Chu__ from *Crazy Rich Asians*, the outsider looking in :) I still do try my best.

Unfortunately, when I returned this last trip, my mother suffered a second and more devastating stroke. She is now bed-ridden and cannot move, speak, or respond. I visit 2-3 times per week and only hope she finds peace. Such is life. It’s a bit fickle.

All was not lost. There were bright spots, too.

  • I visited Malaysia, Hong Kong, and soon Singapore.
  • The Tesla Model 3: my first car purchase in over 18 years.
  • My friend, with my help, remodeled the master bathroom of my townhouse. It’s darn pretty.
  • Spent quality time with dear friends.
  • A half-week bender in Vegas with college buddies. 25 years of friendship that continues to shine.

Even though the overall “vibe” of the year seemed bleek, there were many shiny things sprinkled throughout as well.

And I expect the same next year. Cheers to 2019.

So it goes.