Let me explain what I really meant


Regarding my post about the my 2023 journey, I thought it was merely cathartic and absurd(-ish)… yeah, lots of things happened, though, I believe, for the good. Still, thank you for the kind words…

I am fortunate to shed many material things, traveling the nation, and spending time with loved ones, both family and friends. It’s a friggin’ blessing.

In the grand scheme of life / the universe, I feel grateful for ALL. Really, I can’t complain. I’m just looking towards giving back to the world in the most grandiose way 🀩

To start, ’tis my narrow list of resolutions:

  • “Health Is Wealth”: I’m all in on Thailand’s extraordinary and inexpensive healthcare system. Good diet and exercise, too.
  • Contribute to Thailand’s tech and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Earn money and spend it wisely.
  • Hit up my loved ones to tell ’em how much they mean to me.

That’s some optimism and positivity, eh?

Then, 2024, let’s rock ’n roll 😎